Common Causes of Commercial Glass Damage: Insights from a Commercial Glass Replacement Company in Downers Grove, Illinois

Commercial Glass Replacement Company in Downers Grove, IllinoisIf you own or are responsible for running the day-to-day operations of a commercial building (like an office or shop) in Downers Grove, you are likely aware of the importance of making sure the glass in the building remains damage-free. And part of that involves knowing why commercial glass sometimes gets damaged in the first place.

There are many potential causes of commercial glass damage, and to make sure your glass remains in good shape, it’s important to be aware of these potential causes. Are you wondering what these include? This commercial glass replacement company in Downers Grove, Illinois is going to review them below.

#1: Environmental degradation

Buildings, especially high-rises, are heavily influenced by the external environment. The taller a building is, the stronger these influences typically are. Wind, rain, sunlight, and changes in temperature can all affect glass panes and windows. These weather conditions can cause glass to crack, break, or reduce its effectiveness over time.

#2. Natural forces

Besides the normal weather, commercial glass can also become damaged by severe, unanticipated natural events or ‘acts of God.’ This includes earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, storms, and other weather-related extreme events. These events are stronger and can cause more damage higher up where the building is more exposed to the weather.

#3. Lack of cleaning

Clean windows allow the maximum amount of light to filter into your building, and they also keep your building exterior tidy. If windows are not properly cleaned, layers of debris and grime can pile up, and this extra weight and roughness can cause the glass to crack or break over time. Additionally, an excess amount of sand and dirt buildup can scratch the glass surface and create weak spots that might lead to more damage in the future.

#4. Accidents and mishaps

Despite our best efforts, accidents are not unheard of in a commercial environment. Maintenance workers might accidentally crack or shatter the glass while working, or something unexpected — like a bird crashing into the window — could happen. There could also be accidents inside the building, like someone bumping into a window too hard, causing the glass to crack or shatter. In these unforeseen events, you can always reach out to a commercial glass replacement company in Downers Grove, Illinois for assistance.

#5. Poor installation or low-quality construction material

The glass is more likely to get damaged when not installed correctly or constructed using subpar-quality materials. Therefore, before purchasing anything that contains glass, you may want to check out the overall quality of the manufacturer. You should also make sure you’re working with the right installer. This will help prevent the glass from becoming damaged during the install, and it will keep it looking new for a long time.

What happens if minor glass damage is ignored?

Ignoring cracks or chips in your glass is a big mistake, as these small problems can quickly become much larger and more expensive if you ignore them. If you notice any signs of damage, it’s best to get in touch with a commercial glass replacement company in Downers Grove, Illinois as soon as possible to prevent the issue from getting worse with time.

Looking for a Commercial Glass Replacement Company in Downers Grove, Illinois?

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