Frameless Glass Shower Doors — Why Are They a Great Option for Homeowners? Insights from a Glass Shower Installer in Elmhurst, Illinois

Glass shower installer in Elmhurst IllinoisAlthough many types of glass shower doors are available on the market, it is difficult to find one that can match the beauty, simplicity, and functionality of frameless glass shower doors. But why should you choose this type of shower door over any other? Below, this glass shower installer in Elmhurst, Illinois is going to discuss six great reasons why frameless glass shower doors offer the best in both style and quality.

Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Glass has a natural tendency to make any space look and feel larger. Frameless shower doors are manufactured from durable glass with thicknesses ranging from 3/8″ to 1/2″. And since thicker glass bends less, it does not need to be supported by a frame, making even the smallest bathroom look bigger. Most glass shower installers in Elmhurst, Illinois offer several different frameless shower door arrangements to fit bathrooms of all sizes.

Glass Doors Look Elegant

Frameless showers have a sense of continuity because they use practically no metal. The glass is mounted to the wall directly using simple and discreet hardware. For an ultramodern, sleek aesthetic, several innovative designs use glass on multiple or all sides. It is a wonderful solution. Instead of the hefty frame or gasketing seen with semi-frameless or fully framed shower enclosures, the experience is somewhat like peering into a fish tank.

Maintain an Open and Airy Feeling in Your Bathroom

Unlike shower curtains or framed doors, frameless glass shower doors do not act as a visual barrier. As a result, your bathroom feels more open and airier. With a framed door, a wall needs to be built to support it, which means that it can feel like there is not much space in your bathroom. With frameless glass shower doors, however, you do not face these problems since there is no framing or barrier in front of them.

Increase the Amount of Natural Light That Enters Your Bathroom

One of the best things about frameless glass shower doors is that they let in natural light. This will reduce the times you need to turn on a light switch in your bathroom. Plus, many glass shower installers in Elmhurst, Illinois can treat the glass with a low-emission coating, giving it a built-in barrier that helps keep your space cooler and more comfortable year-round.

Showcase Gorgeous Tile Designs

A conventional shower door detracts from the look of your bathroom in the sense that it interrupts the visual flow of the space. When you order a frameless glass door from a glass shower installer in Elmhurst, Illinois, you will be left with a clear view of your bathroom’s tile designs. The elegance and beauty of your tiles will shine through unhindered by a frameless enclosure.

Create a Spa-Like Experience

Frameless glass shower doors are a great way to create a spa-like experience in your home. There is something about having all that water and steam in such proximity that creates an environment of relaxation. This is especially true if you live in a condo or townhouse, where space may be limited. With frameless glass shower doors, you can have a luxurious bathroom without feeling like you don’t have enough room to move around.

Looking for a Glass Shower Installer in Elmhurst, Illinois?

Are you considering installing a frameless glass shower door? If so, and if you’re ready to have it installed by the premier glass shower installer in Elmhurst, Illinois, look no further than the professionals at Glass & Mirror America. Our designers take the time to understand your goals and vision so that we can help bring it to life. Contact us today at (800) 411-2801 to schedule a free consultation.

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